Want to save money on Wii U games for the holidays? Forget about spending $40 to $60 on each game. I have all 163 Wii U disc based games, 250+ eShop games and all DLC. You can have all the games that you and your kids want. I can create a custom setup or you can get them ALL. Message me and I will send you the complete game lists and you can select whatever you want. Incredibly simple to do and...
Hi I would love a Nintendo Wii, especially with the Just Dance game to play with my kids. Thanks. (ed)
FREE softmod with drive purchase!!!Keep your entire family happy for years - you will never need to buy another game again! Don't worry about the kids breaking or scratching a disks.I have the largest Wii game collection in the world on hard disks that you can connect to your Wii and run games from. Email me for details and I will send the complete list of games.Below is a video that shows how ...
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